Monday, March 2, 2015

Shout Out from Tomball!

Alright this week was super sweet and we were able to meet with a few people, but I have to throw it down fast! 

Monday evening, we were able to go over and see Lois again and we brought two of our ward missionaries with us. Lois was really excited to have us over, to the point where we didn't even teach a lesson because she had so much to say! It was good to have her meet some people from the ward and she related well with them! Her sister that she has not seen in 18 years arrived today and we are going over there tonight to meet her after our dinner appointment! 

Tuesday, we have transfers and Elder Christensen and I are staying together. We used to cover the Klein 2 Zone, but now the zone has combined with Klein 1, so we have a lot more missionaries in the zone. There is more responsibility on our part, but we are super excited! As of right now, we have 12 people with baptismal dates so please keep them in your prayers! 

Wednesday, we met with Anca who is from Romania! We met her a few weeks ago while tracting and she was really interested to meet with us again. We met her at a park and we just walked around and talked to her about the Plan of Salvation and we answered a lot of questions that she had. So get this. One of her dogs has a heart worm and, apparently, it takes months to cure so she was debating on if she was going to move up to Canada in a week or two without her dog, or wait a few months so her dogs could be together. She had decided to wait because she loves her dogs so much and now we have the opportunity to teach her!! SO sweet. It is the little miracles that I see so often that strengthen my testimony the most. 

Thursday, we went back to the hospital to meet with Lois and this time we were able to have a lesson! We taught her most of the Restoration lesson and then we came back on Saturday to finish it. We brought Brother Clark with us on Thursday because he literally was the first one we thought to call. We weren't sure why. As we left the hospital he said to us "Thank you for inviting me Elders, I needed that." This really was a testimony builder for me because I did not know why I thought of him that morning, but the Lord did. It was great to have him there to teach with us and we were grateful for him coming with us. 

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to meet with Morgan and Brenda and we shared the Plan of Salvation lesson and it was powerful. I love talking about God's plan of happiness for all of us (His children). At the end of the lesson, we extended a baptismal date and she accepted. When we explained that baptism is the key that unlocks the gate to enter down the path that leads to the Celestial Kingdom (by using John 3:5), she understood why we asked her if she would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the Priesthood authority of God the Sunday prior. She was like, "This all makes sense now!" It was so sweet! Our Bishop's wife was going through a similar situation when she joined the church and we were in their home so it was so beneficial to have her share her experiences as well. 

Sorry for the short-ish email, but I love you guys! Have a great week and remember who you are! 


Elder DeLuca

Missionaries are weird. Okay? So Elder Christensen and I do this thing sometimes where when someone goes to the bathroom, the other person will hide somewhere in the apartment. Well this was me hiding on the washer, but he found me then put the weights in front of the door..

​I was so tempted to ride this little guy, but I resisted! 

This is my little friend Katie. She would not leave me alone last night when we were at Aaron Finch's house last night having a discussion about the importance of the temple!

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