Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Another Great Week!

Hello everyone! This week was filled with exciting things! 

Monday evening, we went over to Rick and Corban's with Brother Aaron Finch and we taught them some more of the commandments lesson. That went really well! Brother Finch is a stud. He is always really anxious to go out with us and he is so enthusiastic about sharing the gospel. It's great! 

Tuesday, there was another LDSSA meeting at the Tomball Lone Star College so we went to that in the afternoon. It was a good lesson, but not that many people showed up because classes were done. We were actually scheduled to have another lesson with Rick and Corban that evening but Rick got called into work so he had to cancel. We had planned on going finding in their neighborhood that night anyway, so we still went over there to go tract. We parked right by Rick's house and right when we got out of the car we started talking to this lady on her porch and Elder Petersen invited her to hear more and she was like, "Yes!" We talked to her for a few minutes then came to find out that her husband had passed away just a week ago. We talked to her about the Plan of Salvation and also a little bit about the restoration and we gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she would start reading from it. We told her that we would come back on Thursday to check up with her! After talking with Sandy for a while, we ended our night by going to do some planning with the elders in the zone. Good day! 

Wednesday, we brought some of the young men in the ward to come and visit Orion with us and we read from the Book of Mormon with him again. He is still pretty hesitant about being baptized. After dinner we went over to the church and we met with Rick when Corban was at mutual. We went over the program for their baptism this coming Saturday and asked him to be thinking about who he wants to participate. 

Thursday, we had a Zone Conference and President Mortensen went over why we have commandments and the blessings that come from them. It was seriously an awesome meeting. He also split up the elders and sisters and we stayed with him when the sisters went with Sister Mortensen and President talked to us about the Priesthood and our duties. We ate lunch after that and then we role played how to more effectively start out the lesson when teaching about commandments. We had the opportunity to use what we learned that day and apply it to Rick and Corban that night. We went on exchanges with the assistants and I went with Elder Barlow in our area and Elder Petersen went with Elder Halterman in the Woodlands. Sandy had her grandson answer the door and give us back the Book of Mormon and said that she was not interested so we invited him to learn more and he said, "Yes" and gave us his number. :) We had a good lesson with Rick and Corban anyway, so it was still a great day! 

Friday, we had District Meeting and then we went on exchanges with our district leader Elder Chatwin and his companion Elder Hanks. Elder Chatwin and I had a great day in Tomball! We visited Brother Mason with a recent convert Ryan Barnett and then we went to see Orion with him because thy are close to the same age. This was the most effective visit we have ever had with Orion. He and Ryan just clicked. It was so neat to watch it. Ryan invited him to come to one of his school plays that light and they got it all worked out and now Orion has a new friend that is there for him. So sweet! 

Saturday afternoon, we exchanged back at the church and we had Rick and Corban come there to have their baptismal interview by Elder Chatwin. It all went really well and Elder Chatwin said that they were good to go! That night, we had the opportunity to go to Lois' baptism! Do you remember me talking about Lois? Elder Christensen and I started teaching her in the hospital and then, when she got better, she went back home to Waller, TX. Anyways, the Sister Missionaries started teaching her there and she was baptized this past weekend and she invited us to come! Then we went to Buc-ee's which is a giant gas station here in Texas. They have a few of them here and I have never been. It was crazy! Seriously, check it out online! Haha.

Sunday was awesome because it was Mother's Day! I got to talk to the family and that was really sweet. I want you all to know how much I love you and how great it was to see all of your smiling faces! Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful mothers out there, especially the two that I got to talk to! I love you!! 


Elder DeLuca

​Here is Lois and I at her baptism this past Saturday!! She is great! 

Buc-ee's was seriously awesome. It is like the size of a Wal-Mart! ​I almost bought the hat, but I decided to save the money and just take a picture. :) 

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