Monday, August 24, 2015

Zone Conference and Meetings!

This last week went by so fast! It seems like time goes even faster when you are in a trio companionship. Monday evening, we dropped by the Saenz family to check up on them and they were doing great. Their countenance was changed. You could literally see a light in their eyes and it was a beautiful thing. We gave them a Doctrine and Covenants because they had requested one on Sunday. They told us a lot about their family and it was good to get to know them a little better. 

Tuesday, we met with Luke and we taught him the Restoration lesson and it went really well. He is really interested in meeting with us and he has already been coming to church for like two months. 

Wednesday, we had a zone conference and I was asked to conduct. I was a little nervous but I didn't mess it all up so it's all good! That was the first one that I conducted. The training that President gave was incredible. He talked a lot about the Priesthood and the role of men and women and how they are both equally important and necessary for Heavenly Father's plan to work. The role that a mother has to bring children into this world and the role men have to baptize their children are equally important. If women held the priesthood, there would be no need for men. President said that he thinks that men have the priesthood to be relevant to women. It's an interesting thought and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. 

Friday, we had district meeting and it went really good and then some lessons after that. We met with Luke again and he ate a ghost pepper during our lesson and almost died. It was really interesting and hard to keep the Spirit there. We taught the Plan of Salvation to the Saenz family and only taught about half of that lesson. We are going back tonight to finish the lesson. 

Saturday, was kind of a slower day. We had some appointments fall through, but we went to visit members that Elder Seamons and I haven't met yet. 

Sunday, was the best day of he week! We had a stake coorelation meeting in the morning at 7 so we started out early. After that, we had our ward coorelation meeting and discussed how we can best work with the recent converts in the ward and help them get to the temple. Then we had ward council and then Sacrament. Meetings, meetings, meetings! I was asked to speak in Sacrament on the Plan of Salvation. I love how our Heavenly Father is the master planner. He has created the perfect plan for us, and we will receive a fullness of joy if we choose to follow it. It is only through our Savior Jesus Christ that the plan works. Without Him, there would be no hope for us. He literally has bridged the gap between us and our Father in Heaven and He has paid the price in full. All He has asked us to do is to follow him. The Saenz family was there as well as Luke. After church we had a mission president's fireside that was AWESOME!! We participated in the choir again. I love it. I am a terrible singer, but the Spirit is so strong when we are up there performing and that is why we do it. I know that we have help from angels as we do so. The power went out right before the fireside started and it didn't even phase us. We went through the program as planned and it was powerful. President did a great job in adapting to the circumstances. He is the best speaker that I have ever listened to in person. He will be a General Authority some day. The Saenz family came and they loved it. They talked to some of the senior missionaries there and told them how much they have loved meeting with us and how we have filled the holes that they have had in their lives. How cool is that? 

Have a great week and know that I love you! 


Elder DeLuca

Here are Elder Bergman and Elder Darnell! 

My boy Elder Graves! 

This is Elder Willis at the mission president's fireside. He met my Papa in the Snowflake Arizona Temple and worked with him!! I had food in my mouth. That is partially why I look goofy.  :) 

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  1. Brock, love your blog. Glad to hear of all your experiences! Skyler's been home for a month andnis finally feeling a little more comfortable. Keep up the great work! Orion.