Monday, August 4, 2014

The President's Smoking Car & Chris!!!


Okay, so Monday nights are leadership calls and I got a call to be a trainer and I was super pumped! I was gonna train a new missionary! So, there is a Elder in my zone (Elder Graves) and he was going to be training too, so we were just gonna stay in my area 'til Thursday because the trainees didn't come until Wednesday night. So, President Mortensen called me Wednesday night and he was like, "I have a curve ball for you! There were supposed to be 16 new missionaries coming and only 14 came and you and Elder Graves are the only ones affected by this!" Isn't that crazy!?! We were bound to be together. Not really, but kinda. 

So, Elder Graves is serving in Katy 3 and his area had a little more progress, so President told us to just get a ride from the Zone Leaders over there Thursday morning and just stay there until he lets us know what to do! So, I had to pack up a suitcase with all my stuff that I'd need. We were serving there and everything was going super good. Then I got really sick. I was a mess. I get sick very rarely, but when I do its usually bad. So, Friday night I was pretty bad and Saturday morning was the worst! President actually called us and told us that Elder Graves companion was going to be arriving on Saturday so I was going to be back in my area with a missionary that was in a trio companionship. He was actually with Elder Thomas in my old area! He was only there for four days, though! 

So we met President and Sister Mortensen at the airport and we rolled up with the Zone Leaders and President was like, "Here, get in the driver seat of my car, and Sister Mortensen and I will go get the new Elder." So, as we we were sitting there waiting his car started smoking!!!! It was crazy! I shut it off so it wouldn't overheat, and then we called him and he was like are you serious!? Elder Graves was like, "I'm getting outta here. This thing is gonna blow up!" was just a radiator hose. Nothing crazy. It was a new car though, and we were all surprised. So, After we got picked up from the assistants, we all piled into the "Mormon Mobile Van" and headed back to the mission office. President was telling me to go get some medicine and to get some rest. I was so sick you guys! I couldn't even talk! So, Elder Bergman and I got back to our area and I seriously had to rest for the rest of that night. I was so sad. I was in pain, but I wanted to go do work! I love missionary work! 

Sunday morning we got a ride to church from a member and guess what!? I walked into the chapel and saw Chris and his girlfriend sitting in the benches!! He showed up! This was a miracle you guys. I had zero contact with him all week because i was out of our area and then I was sick. I just found out today that Christy had been praying for him to come! You guys, Heavenly Father answers all of our prayers. I know he does. Sometimes we don't see it because we want Him to answer on our time, but He doesn't work like that. He is all knowing, and He knows when they need to be answered, and when the best time to answer them is. Our lives are on His time! remember that! 

The Church is true, God loves you and so do I. My old seminary teacher would say that everyday we left class. I love it! So short, but so true! I love being a missionary you guys! i learn so much every day! Have a great week and ill talk to you next week!

Elder DeLuca

Elder French is gone! 

​Reunited with my boy Elder Tanner! 

This is my poker face.'s my missionary work face!! 

You guys, I just want to tell you that I feel so much better after eating super healthy! Its not cheap, but it's worth the price. This was today's 12:00 meal. Spinach, strawberries, blackberries, sliced almonds, cashews, and a tiny bit of lite raspberry vinaigrette dressing. I have been eating 6 smaller meals rather than 3 larger ones and its wayy better!! Like my cup? Hehe.....I meant to get that in there.  (:

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