Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Cold and Awesome Week

This past week has been freezing!! Not literally, but pretty close. We were jogging over to a junior high that is just about a mile away the past few weeks and I run on the track when Elder Lythgoe does other workouts, but we didn't even go this week because it was too cold! Hahaha, we are a bunch of babies! Not used to this "humid cold." It is way different! Anyways we were still working out in the apartment so don't worry! 
We did some service at a food bank this past Tuesday and I was talking to a guy that was doing community service there and I was telling him why I decided to serve a mission and then I just told him that I know that what I am doing is right and that the gospel has been restored and he ended up asking the sister missionaries for a Book of Mormon! That was saaaweet!!!! 
We met with our investigator Jordan and her family this past Thursday and we taught them The Plan of Salvation and the lesson went really well. We are meeting with them again tonight and we are going to extend a baptismal date for December 13th! Ill let you know next week how it goes! 
We were doing service at a members house this past Friday and Brother Bravenic's chainsaw was not running and then I worked some magic and I got it to run, but I realized that the carburetor needed to be cleaned out. After I cleaned it out, then I couldn't get the old fuel line back in the gas tank because it was all corroded so you can imagine my frustration! hahaha. I ended up just going to the hardware store by our apartment and I bought him some new fuel line so now I just have to go put it on! Anyways, I just wanted to say that when you help people out, you feel so good. We have the opportunity to do a decent amount of service here and I know that Heavenly Father is well pleased with us as we serve others. Mosiah 2:17!
Another really neat experience we had on Saturday was when we were biking around in this neighborhood trying to visit some less-active members, Elder Lythgoe realized that he needed to put a little bit of air in his tires so we stopped and he has this little mini pump that takes like 20 minutes (not really, maybe like 5 min.) to pump up a tire and he ended up pinching his valve stem when he took the pump off, and out went all the air. Just as this happened a guy pulled up in a truck and was like are you guys alright? and we told him what had happened and where are car was and he drove us down to the end of the street where we left the car like 2 miles away. He ended up telling us where he lived and that we could come by whenever to talk to him about the restoration! Coincidence? No way, miracles er' day!!!! 
I have to go soon, but I wanted to just tell you all about a commitment I made to myself and that is to read from Preach My Gospel everyday. Whether it be one sentence or one chapter, I will read from it everyday. It has made my studies so much more effective and I just wanted to share that. Elder Lythgoe and I were talking and he was telling me that he feels that PMG has helped him a lot and that he is just now starting to feel like he is getting into the swing of things and he is really comfortable with his usage of the scriptures. My response was that is why you are going home! He goes home in one month and I am convinced that it really does take a couple of years to really start getting into the swing of things, and then it is more likely for us to not rely on the Lord for His help because we sometimes feel like we know everything, but we know so little! 
I am sorry for my past emails not being as detailed. I will try to be better with keeping you all up to date! I am doing well, and I love it out here in Mag Town. I love serving the Lord and I love all of you. I hope you all have a great week!


Elder DeLuca

I haven't taken any selfies of late, so here ya go! Hahaha I love you all! 

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