Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Another Great Week in Tomball!

Hello everyone! I am going to be brief with my update this week, but we had a great week! 

This last Monday, we were able to visit with a guy who is a recent convert in the Parkway Ward and then he recently just moved to Tomball. He explained his conversion story to us and it was really sweet. We are planning on seeing him again this week! 

Tuesday, we were able to meet with Suzie who we met with weeks ago and kind of lost contact with. She is interested in meeting with us again so we are planning on a lesson tomorrow! We shared the Restoration with her last week! 

Wednesday, we saw Rick and Corban and we taught them the Plan of Salvation! We had Brother Ure with us and he was great! We extended a baptismal date for them both on May 16th! They are really excited to go through this experience together! It is really neat for us to be meeting with a father and son. I love it!

Friday, we went on exchanges with the Elders in the Memorial Springs area so I was with Elder Gray in their area for 24 hours. We met a really nice guy when we were street contacting and we talked to him for like 30 minutes. We explained to him where the Book of Mormon came from and where is prophesied about the in the book of Ezekiel 37. He was like, Well, I never thought of it like that, I want to read it!" The only Book of Mormon I had with me was the one that I have marked up for Bailley, so I explained to him and he was like, "Well, you need to keep that for her."  We exchanged numbers so we will get him one. Don't worry! 

Saturday, we met with Orian in Bishop's home and we had a lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Orian is a little nervous about the actual baptism itself, so if you could please keep him in your prayers that would help him! :) 

Sunday was really sweet! So get this. We are in ward council and we get a text from Rick and he said that he got called into work so he would not be able to make it to church. I texted him back and asked if Corban had a ride and he responded no. Its go time! I told Brother Small, he was sitting right next to me. We issued a little exchange and Brother Small and I left ward council to go and pick him up! I called Rick and he said that he was trying to call Corban but he was asleep and then he told me that his bedroom was the one on the far right of the house. We knocked on the front door and there was no answer so I walked over to the right side of the house and I knocked on his bedroom window and I woke him up! hahah it was the coolest thing ever! He came to the door and let us in while he got ready really quick, then we were off to church! He had a great time there and he thanked us for coming to wake him up! SO sweet! 

We also we able to go and meet with them last night and we read from the BoM with them. They have been reading together as well! It is so cool to see how prepared they are and how anxious they are to learn more! I love that we have the opportunity to meet with them. They are so sweet! 

I love you all and I will talk to you next week! 


Elder DeLuca

Sooo, there were some visitors coming through my neck of the woods today so we got to go out to lunch!! 

She takes after my good looks! I love her so much!!!! <3 :) 

Here is Elder Petersen! I didn't have a picture to send last week. He is awesome! 

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