Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Mobile Devices Came!!

Well, 'twas another good week. We found four new gators this week, but not sure how solid they are. Things are moving slowly but surely here in Tomball!

On Tuesday, we had MLC and that was where we received our iPads! It kinda stinks for some though because those that are going home this transfer did not get one and the missionaries who go home between now and November get a used one. As we all know I come home in January so I got a new one. I was pretty stoked about that. I might have had to rub it in to my companion because he didn't get one.....haha!! We tease each other a lot so it's all good! Anyways, the meeting was really good. We talked a lot about finding, putting off the natural man, and then just setting up iPads. We also received the iPads for all of the missionaries in our zone so we could disperse them out at zone meeting on Friday. Not gonna lie, it was kinda cool rolling around with 17 iPads in the car. Haha! After MLC we had to go to the mission office to get supplies and then rush to our dinner appointment with the Giffords. They have 5 children who are all pretty young and it is so cool to see how excited children get when we come over. It makes me feel like someone loves me! Haha, jk, but also neat to see how eager they are to share the gospel. I love it! 

Wednesday, we did exchanges with the ASL missionaries that live above us in the same complex. I stayed in our area with Elder Hendrickson. We did our weekly service at TEAM and then went to Chick-Fil-A. Yeah baby! That is my weakness. I am always down to go get some Chick. It is so good. If you haven't tried their peach milkshakes, I highly recommend it. Then we went and taught Orion and had a good little lesson with him. I shared a video on the iPad. We went finding that night in the trailer park neighborhood. It is Elder Petersen and I's fav! We talked to a bunch of people and had some solid potentials. It was a good exchange. It is always nice to work with other missionaries to see how they do things and learn from each other. We switched back that night after planning. 

Thursday, we had our weekly planning and then we visited the Green family in our ward. They are an elderly couple who always love having us over! They are so sweet. We also saw the Gallipeau family that night as well! 

Friday, we had zone meeting. President was planning on coming to meeting but then the assistants texted us that morning and said that they were coming instead. It was good to have them though. We felt like the meeting went well. We had the iPads in boxes up on top of a cabinet and it looked just like some random boxes that way we could keep everyone's attention. Haha! They were excited when we broke them out at the close of the meeting. Elder Petersen talked about goals and then I cam up and we both talked about finding and then Sister De La O talked about putting off the natural man. She did a great job! She is our new sister training leader. Then I finished us up with talking about how to be a successful missionary. We received a call from Brother Russell on our way home and he asked us if we could come over to give his wife a blessing. We told him we would be there in 20 min and we hurried over. She has been pretty sick the past few weeks and she hasn't been able to eat much. She lost 22 lbs in 20 days. Elder Petersen did the anointing and then I sealed the blessing. It is amazing to me how the Spirit works when you give a blessing. I cannot describe it. I don't have a deep vocabulary, but when I give a blessing, I always seem to know what to say. It really hit me when we were on our way over there how important it is to always be a worthy Melchizedek Priesthood holder because you never know when you will be called upon to use that priesthood power. She thanked us for the blessing and then we had to leave. We had them on the dinner calendar for Saturday but she was not feeling well so we told them that if she was wanting to rest we could reschedule and Brother Russell said to just call and check in the morning. 

Saturday was a slower day. We had a lesson with Orion again and we brought Ryan Barnett with us. They seem to hit it off every time. We reviewed the Restoration with him and then asked him to pray for a date that he would feel comfortable setting for his baptism. It is SO hard to teach him. He acts like we are a nuisance when we are there, but then he gives a heartfelt prayer thanking Heavenly Father for having us come over and helping him and for the faith that we have in him and all of these great things! It is so confusing. Please keep him in your prayers. He was one of the things I fasted for yesterday because we are not sure what to do. That night we went to the Castillo's house and we shared the First Vision with them and then invited them to come to church. They said they would be there, but that was not the first time we heard that. 

Sunday, the Castillo's came to church!!!! It was so sweet. I have been working with them since I have been here in Tomball and yesterday was the first time they came. I don't know what it was that really prompted them on Saturday evening, but they were serious. That night we were able to go and see Paul Kendrick. We haven't seen him in a while so it was good to visit with him! 

Well, that is was our week for the most part! I look forward to another great week. Thank you all for everything you do for me. I love you guys! 


Elder DeLuca

We saw Brother Richter at our church yesterday! He was in the College Park Ward so Elder Petersen and I both know him pretty well. He is a stud! 

We stopped by the temple after zone meeting! 

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  1. Elder, this is the Orion. I've been stalking you for some time. Very impressed by your service! Have a great week!