Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 2 - MTC - Howdy Y'all!

Howdy, y'all!! They teach Texan pretty well here. Okay, so my second week was sweet. My comp and I were teaching a few investigators and that was so neat. We answered the questions that the one girl had for us and she was like "okay that makes sense" and we were like that's whats up. Jk.....we didn't say that. I did think it though. 

The other investigator we had was Everett. Let me explain him. He is a friend of one of our teachers (Brother Gleason) and so he was acting as Everett when we taught him. This may sound weird but it is so real. He leaves the class and goes and changes clothes and then heads to another room, then we go there as if it were his house. I cannot tell you how real this is. Brother Gleason and Everett are two completely different people. We taught Everett a new lesson each time we met with him and after the first three, I asked him to be baptized and this was the best experience I've had here. My allergies are kicking in right now as I"m typing. The spirit was there and Everett felt it and he took a pause for just a second or two, then he said yes to me. We still taught some more lessons after this and told him to keep up the good work and everything. Yesterday was our last time with him and we told him that we wouldn't be meeting with him anymore cause we were being transferred....far, far away from Provo. 

After this, when Brother Gleason got back to class, he taught us a lesson then we said bye to him. This was the hardest thing for me you guys. My other two teachers were super cool and very knowledgeable, but they just weren't Brother Gleason. I feel like I've known him my whole life and it is really something. I told him that when I was giving him a hug and we both lost it. I couldn't hold those tears in and for those of you that know me well, I do NOT like crying. At all.. yet I still do. Brother Gleason is an incredible person and I will see him when I get back. 

So I leave for Texas tomorrow. I'm not gonna lie, I am really nervous now. I am way more excited but still its gonna be crazy to be out there for real this time. I know that I have been called to Houston for a specific reason, and there are people waiting for me. I cannot express how incredible this experience is going to be. 

I want you all to know how much I love you and how grateful I am to be here today. Thank you for helping me get to where I am now. I also want to bear witness that I know that God lives and that Jesus Christ performed the Atonement so we can be forgiven for our sins. We're all sinners trying to be better people. My testimony of the gospel has strengthen so much these past two weeks and this is just the beginning. I now have less than two years to serve, and an eternity to think about it. This is my life and Jesus Christ is the center of it. I love being a missionary and I am so excited for Houston. 
Brother Gleason said something very interesting yesterday and I felt like it applied to me. He said don't worry about school, jobs and marriage. Get lost in the work. I love this because that is what I am and need to continue to do. I don't really know where and for what I wanna go to school for, but I do know that Heavenly Father knows where I am going and he will give me the opportunity to get there. I have so much faith in him. My life will workout the way it is supposed to when I get home. 
I love you all SO much and thank you for everything. Oh and by the way, big thanks to all of you who have sent me letters and packages. You know who you are and thank you!  My comp is district leader so he checks the mail every morning and evening. Guess who goes with him? ME!!!!!!!!!!!! When I see my name on a slip for a package or on a letter, oh man.. it's like Christmas in the MTC. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! So thanks(: 
Well, I'll let you know how my first week in Houston goes next week!

All my love,

Elder DeLuca

Elder Myers and I

One course.....

Starting from the left; Elder Pace, Brother Clegg, my comp Elder Meyers, Mee, Elder Allen, Sister Place, Sister Richardson, Sister Barton, then in front Sister Bullman and Sister Richins

Brother Gleason and I

Us and Brother Gleason  (:

I carry the light with me!

Temple walk on Sunday

Oh, I love this place at 10:30!

They never said anything about kissing the Elders!  (;

Me bein' me.

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