Thursday, February 27, 2014

Okay, Super Fast Week


Okay, so this past week went by super fast!  We had our district meeting this past Friday and that was cool.  I recited all the main points for the first four lessons. 

1. Restoration 
2. Plan of Salvation 
3.The Gospel of Jesus Christ 
4. The Commandments. 

It was hard to remember all of the points in each one but I did it! Oh, and like 5 minutes before we started, Elder Theory was like "President is coming, so no pressure!"  President Pingree is so cool though. I love that guy!
We have a new investigator that committed to be baptized next month!  Don't get your hopes up though cause she didn't come to church yesterday.  We taught her the Plan of Salvation last week and everything went really well but she said she is living with her aunt and she may not let her come to church. This is kinda weird cause she is in her twenties but we don't want her to have family problems because of us. I'll let you know more next week!

So we are so blessed. We have a mall and this waterway that we can walk to get new investigators. We were at the mall a few days ago and Elder Christensen had to make a phone call.  So we went to go find a seat for a minute.  He sat on the end of this couch and then Elder Peterson sat by him, and then I sat on the other side of Elder Peterson by this African American guy. I then asked him (the African American guy) how he was doing and what not.  Then he said he was waiting for his sister to get done shopping.  He asked if I was shopping and I said,  "No, I'm a missionary for my church."  And then I told him what we do.  He was interested, so I gave the first lesson real quick then I asked if we could meet with him to discuss more and he said, "I'm here. I wanna hear now."  Holy cow huh!? He caught me off guard! NO ONE SAYS THAT!! So I turned to my companions and I said this guy wants to here more. They weren't really listening at first when I was talking to him. So we flipped the couch around and went in more depth with the Restoration then we talked about the Plan of Salvation too! This was sooo sick! We talk to him for like 30-40 mins and then his sister walked up and she was not happy.  She was like we have been looking for you!  So we gave him a BOM and our number.  Hopefully he calls us back!  That is our mission miracle for the week. 
The Woodlands is going well so far. Please keep ALL missionaries in your prayers to try to help them receive more investigators.  We need it!  Also, members need to try to put forth more effort to get investigators. We talked about this yesterday morning in our missionary meeting for our ward. When members find, missionaries can teach. This really helps hasten the work. 
Well, I love you all very much and if anyone has questions or anything you can email or write me personally. Missionary work is hard work, but it's so worth it! 

All my love, 

Elder DeLuca

Elder Christensen and I.  We are going bald together!

Elder Christensen (my balding friend)

Elder Peterson and his thick hair.  What a brat!  Haha

Me chillin' at Ben's house, an investigator who is ready to be baptized, won't commit, though.

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  1. What a great letter! Bald? Funny guy! Go Brock!!!