Monday, July 21, 2014

Flossing & The Atonement

Hello everyone! I am gonna be so short with this email but I hope that someone can take something from this email.

This past week was great! We had a really nice District Meeting and the training was on teaching people, not lessons. The three main things we focused on were: teaching for understanding, asking questions, and listening, located on pages 182-186 in Preach My Gospel. Don't quote me on that, but go check it out because all of us can share the gospel with others! 

We had a really nice Sacrament meeting yesterday. We have been helping pass the Sacrament because our ward doesn't have a ton of youth, and a lot of them have been going on activities with their quorums. I wasn't very active in church attendance when I was a teacher or deacon so passing the sacrament is kind of a "new thing" for Elder DeLuca. Luckily, I don't mess up too much. (; is actually pretty fun. 

So, I have the opportunity to go to the temple this Thursday and I cannot wait. I seriously love going to the temple SO much! It is the best place on this earth. If you haven't been in a while, GO! If you have things you need to do in order to go, get them done. The temple is the best!

I wanna share with you all why I love flossing my teeth so much. I know this sounds silly, but this is real talk here. Floss is like the Atonement. We can do all that we can (brush the heck out of our teeth) but there is always going to be some stuff in between our teeth that we cannot get with brushing alone. We need to floss. We need to use the Atonement. Whether it be the cleansing power from sin, or the strength we need through tough times, we always need to be using the Atonement. We cannot do it all our own you guys. Rely on The Lord to help you in all that you desire in righteousness. I promise you that as you strive to use the Atonement daily, you will come to have a better understanding of what The Savior did for you personally. I have not missed a single night of flossing since I have been a missionary, and I will not miss one. I won't do it. I have come to love flossing my teeth ever night, and I especially love the Atonement. The Lord helps me so much its crazy. I could not do this work on my own. I know that for a fact! 

I hit my six month mark next week....That is so crazy for me. Time goes so fast. It seems like just a few weeks ago I was crusin' around in the row dog jaming out to my 90's country music. Now I am rolling around on my bike and I jam out to EFY music in the apartment, which is a miracle of its own. I actually love EFY music! Check it out yo! It's good stuff. 

I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week! 

Love Elder DeLuca

​I know this looks weird, but it was actually really good! I have been eating so much healthier and I work out hard! I am now 30 pounds lighter and I feel so good!

Elder French's bike broke so we were walking for like two days! 

Dont worry! Because of my cat-like reflexes, I saved it! I don't do wheelies in front of people though, so don't worry. I gotta have a little fun behind the stores though!

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