Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy President's Day!

Okay this week was sweet! Im just going to throw it down. 

Monday, we were out finding and we talked to a guy named Ishmael, and we taught him most of the restoration lesson as we talked with him out front! We scheduled to come back on Sunday but we had a Mission President's Fireside last night so we weren't able to go back and talk with him. Speaking of the fireside, it was so sweet! All of the missionaries in our Stake were in the choir and for once, I actually entertained the idea of joining a ward choir someday. :) We sounded pretty good up there but that was only because
the spirit was present! 

Tuesday, after dinner, we weren't quite sure where to go and I felt like we should go back to see a lady named Nancy we met back in January that we haven't been able to see since. We went over and we taught her part of the restoration lesson out front until her husband came home and then wanted dinner! Bummer! It was neat to talk to on Tuesday because that was my Mom's Birthday! Happy Birthday Mamma! 

After we talked to Nancy, we were walking back to the truck and right as Elder Christensen got in the truck, I had a thought that we should go and talk to her neighbor. He was getting in the truck and I was backing him, so it was hard to tell him what I felt like we should do and then all of the sudden, he got out of the truck and was like we need to go talk to him and I was like, "NO WAY! I just had the same thought!" You guys, I want to promise you all that the Lord is directing us to the people He has prepared. He leads and guides us everyday and that is why it is so crucial for us to be worthy of the 'gift' of the Holy Ghost. We talked to Paul about his family and asked him how he would feel to know that he could live with his family forever and he said it would be incredible. It was the neatest thing ever! He told us that we could come back and we exchanged information to contact each other. He also had a really sweet dog! It is called a Presa Canario I think. Have you ever heard of them? They are sweet! 

Wednesday, we had dinner with the Giffords in our ward and I was with Elder Young on exchanges. They are a sweet family and they referred us over to visit some of their neighbors, but the neighbors said we could come back another time. It was so sweet to know that they trusted us enough to send us over there. We tracted out their entire street after that! It was so sweet. They were telling us to basically go to every door! 

Thursday, we met with Julie and her daughter Madison. They were meeting with missionaries in the past and one of Julie's daughters was baptized and she is now at BYU. We shared the restoration with them as well and we are planning on going over there tomorrow! The Lord is blessing us with people to teach! 

Friday, we met with Bobby and we had Paul with us! Another great lesson. We focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson and really focused on the importance of every principle in that lesson. Through Christ, we can be cleansed from sin through faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. It was a good lesson but, as we were teaching, I noticed two girls eaves dropping on our conversation because we were at Panera Bread. I felt like I should ask them if they had any questions on what we were discussing. So after our lesson, we got up and then the girls got up as well and started to walk outside so I hurried over there and I asked them and it was super funny because one girl was like, "Yeah, we were totally listening to your conversation." And I was like, "Yeah, I know."  Haha! So it turns out that they did have some questions and we were able to answer them and now we are meeting with them this Friday. Teach when you find, and find when you teach! 

Well, I have to go for now, but I wanted to let you all know that we are doing good here! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! 


Elder DeLuca

​I told Brother Bikman that he needed to get a CAT! 

​I saw Elder Weaver last night. Selfies for dayzz! 

Do you remember Elder Neville from France?? 

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