Monday, February 2, 2015

Another Great Week in Tomball!!

Howdy everyone! This week flew by! On Monday evening, we were able to have Bobby come over to Paul's house and we read Alma chapter 8 with them and we really dove in to Lehi's dream and likened the scriptures to them. It was neat to see Bobby realize that he needs to hold to the rod of iron and be in the scriptures every day. Paul was throwing it down too! He was bearing his testimony of how he was reading the Book of Mormon every day when we were meeting with him and how that was what he turned to in order to receive the strength he needed. It was the coolest thing ever to have Paul teaching with us. Solid lesson! 

On Wednesday, we came to the college campus to try to invite people to the club and something really cool happened. As we were coming out of the library, Elder Christensen went out the door and I was following but I felt like I should hold the door for this guy that was coming and it was one of those awkward times when the person is like borderline too far away to wait and hold it, but I did it anyways. I waited there for a few seconds (felt like 5 minutes) and held the door for this guy and he said, "Thanks." and went in. We started walking back to the truck and he came running after us and he was like "You guys talked to me about a month ago and gave me a card and asked me to watch the video, and I did! What information do you have? I want to learn more." Turns out I talked to this guy and told him about the "He Is The Gift" video and invited him to watch it! He remembered it was me because I told him that he had a sick watch! Everyone loves compliments.  (; haha! So, we walked back to the truck with him and gave him a restoration pamphlet and a Book of Mormon and he said he wants to meet with us!! We weren't able to meet this past week, but we are going to try and see him this week. His name is Ryan and he is a stud! 

We received a referral this week for someone named Susan so we called her and it turns out that she is a member but her daughter, Taylor, is not and she wants to start meeting with us because she wants to be baptized! We were able to go over there this past week and, on the way over, I had to turn around and I got the truck stuck! There are a lot of ditches here for the rainfall and usually they are dry but this one had some hidden water under the grass! So we were totally stuck and even four wheel drive didn't do anything so we just started walking to Susan and Taylor's house. We couldn't find the house, but I saw a big Dodge Cummins at this house and I b-lined it over to this guy. I was like "Hey sir, how are you doing?" and this guy was like "You don't wanna talk to me."  And then I said "No, we just need your help! We are stuck right at the end of your road!" He then said okay hold on let me go get a strap. It was cool to see how even though some people don't want to hear what what we have to say, most people like to help when they can. By the way, this truck had a bunch of motor work done to it so it was super fast! He pulled us right out .:)

We also met with Bill and Kathryn this week and we were able to read the Book of Mormon with them. We wanted to teach the plan of salvation lesson, but they hadn't been reading so we read with them to show them the importance if it! We don't just blow through the lessons if people aren't keeping commitments because they aren't going to progress unless they feel the spirit testify to them personally. Keeping commitments prepares people to make and keep covenants. 

Friday, we went into the Windrose Elders area with Elder Meyers and Elder Mikesell and we went finding with them. I went with Elder Mikesell and the other elders went together. In the two hours that we were all out finding, Elder Mikesell and I found a new investigator as well as Elder Christensen and Meyers found one too! It was sweet! 

Saturday, we had dinner at the Gieseke's house and they invited two non-member friends over and we were able to have a discussion about the spirit world and what happens after we pass through our life on earth. It was a good discussion, but one of the friends was not picking up what we were laying down so we just left it at that. The other friend actually came to church yesterday and he really liked it! he was visiting from out of town so we will have to have Brother Gieseke follow up with him. 

Speaking of Sunday, after ward council we went into the chapel and I was going around to say hi to people and one of the young women came over to me to let me know that she invited her friend to the new beginnings program but she couldn't make it. I told her that she was still being successful by making the invitation! It was sweet to have her come report that to me before I asked. Whenever I commit a member to do missionary work, I write it down in my planner so I won't forget and then I follow up with them! It was cool to see that she remembered that I wrote it down and she beat me to it! The members here are so sweet and anxious to do missionary work! 

We also met with Niki and Pamela last night and they had their baptismal interviews and they are planning on being baptized this Saturday

Work is happening here! I love you all and thank you for all of your prayers and the support you show. I feel it! 


Elder DeLuca

We were planning on riding our bikes one day this week, but we didn't have time! 

This is Brother Mason. He is a stud! We visit him every week :)

See how she just sunk?? hahah!!

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