Monday, September 7, 2015

3-Year-Old Insults

Last Monday, we went to the Saenz's house for birthday cake with Chris and it was super yummy. After that we went to the Douglas' home for dinner. Brother Douglas is our Ward Mission Leader and he has a great family! All three of his girls are age 5 and under and they are so cute. Get this. As we were leaving, his 3-year-old daughter looked at me and said to her mom, "He has the same hair as daddy!" Brother Douglas is balding! hahaha!!!! It was SO funny. You know you are going bald when a 3 year old tells you. Little children don't lie. Its all good; it happens to the best of us. :) 

Tuesday, we had MLC all day and a large portion of our discussion was on getting investigators to church. We had a couple of role plays that we practiced and I learned a lot! That evening, we practiced what we learned with Caleb. We taught him the first half of the restoration and then we left really fast after he said the closing prayer. We wanted to leave when the Spirit was strongest and take it with us. Caleb ended up telling us later during the week that he was not wanting to become a Mormon and he didn't want to waste our time. I personally think he just like bashing with us but when we came out on top with answer, he didn't like it. 2 Nephi 9:40.  The truth hurts the wicked. 

Wednesday, we had a good lesson with Luke and we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson. After that, we went over to the Saenz's and has a nice lesson with them. Seriously, they are so prepared. 

Thursday was our weekly planning and then we went back to the Saenz's that evening to teach them about temples and family history. When we taught them about the spirit world and baptisms for the dead from the Bible, they were astonished. When Alice realized that she could do work for her mother in the temple she said "This is it. That is what was missing. It all just clicked for me." How cool is that? Robert felt very similar about his father and loved ones that have passed. Brother Brown who came with us told us after we left that he was so surprised on how well they received that lesson. I was not surprised, though. 

Friday, we had zone meeting and it went really well! I talked about our mission standards of excellence, having 3 gators at church, 5 member-present lessons, and 2 new gators each week. Then, Elder Edwards and I both taught about why it is so important to get our gators to church and how to do it. We felt like the training went well. We had a ten-minute break and I made cake pops for everyone so they were super excited about that. I didn't eat one, though, because I am having a weight-loss competition with Brother Douglas. Whoever loses the most weight in September gets a free ice cream from this place called Marble Slab. It is so good!! After zone meeting, we went on exchanges and Elder Harris came to Conroe with me. He is a stud! He goes home in two weeks. We went to lunch at Luby's with the Saenz and I thought of my Nana, then had a lesson with Luke, and then a lesson with the Saenz in the Pew's home. It was a great lesson! I posed the question "What it the importance of getting baptized at an age where you are making the decision, as opposed to having someone make that choice for you?" Chris had a lot to say to that, but then he said something profound. He said "When you are baptized you get a new heart, a new mind, a new soul, and new eyes." WOW! I saw Elder Harris write that down during the lesson. It was incredible. We had angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream after and it was super yummy. Not as rich as a cake pops! haha. Plus, Sister Pew made it, so I was not going to pass. We left during the dessert portion to leave them there to build a friendship without us. We do not want them becoming attached to us, but it is already happening. We are so close with them! I love them so much. 

Saturday morning, after we worked out we came and got all cleaned up and we were getting dressed and then got a call for help with unloading a storage unit. We changed back into normal people clothes and hurried over. It was nice to help them out. Then we helped Brother Lane unload some plywood for a lady that he home teaches. 

Sunday was sweet! We had 5 investigators at church. Instead of going to ward council after our missionary correlation meeting, we went to make sure our gators were planning on coming to church. The ones that we weren't certain about. It helps to do that! We were asked to give a couple of blessings. What a blessing it is to have the priesthood restored to the earth today. Then we went finding and found a new investigator named Clifford. When he introduced himself I immediately thought of the "Big Red Dog." Haha :) He was super nice to us. We will go back next week when he is back from a business trip. 

Things are going great here in Conroe! The Saenz family have their baptisms of the 19th and then Luke's is on the 26th of this month. Thank you for all of your prayers. They really do help us! 


Elder DeLuca  

​My companion was lifting weights in here. He is funny! 

Here is Elder Harris. He is a stud! 

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