Tuesday, September 29, 2015

President Threw a Quick One on Me!

Well this week was crazy!! On Tuesday, we brought Elder French to his new area because that was transfer day and he left us. We were sad to see him go, but he will do great things in the Windrose area. Its actually in the Klein Stake, "my stake" as I would say after serving 10 and a half months there! 

After we dropped him off, we had to go get out brakes checked on our car. Okay, get this. Two weeks ago, we went to Pep Boys to get our oil changes and our alignment done, and I asked them to check the brakes because I knew they were bad. I knew it. When the car was finished the guy who gave me the papers said the brakes are fine. I said, "Are you sure because they are making a bad noise and I am pretty sure they are bad". He said, "If the brakes were bad, that is money in our pocket, so we would fix them." This statement is true.  However, if it was just the pads that were bad, it would have only been like 40 bucks, but if they let the pads wear down to the rotors, it would be over 300 dollars. That was exactly what they were doing and I knew it. I was furious! I cannot stand being lied to. I should have told him to read 2 Nephi 9:34. I told our vehicle coordinator and he told me us to take it to this other place which was owned by members. Sure enough, the pads were shot and we had to get new rotors as well. I know my cars, and I know when I am being lied to. Not cool. I must have had steam coming out my ears! I wanted to go bad to Pep Boys and talk to the guy (who was a manager) who told me they were fine, but that would not have gone anywhere good. I just had to bite my tongue, and I am getting very good at that being a missionary. Long story short, DO NOT go to Pep-Boys. EVER! 

Here is where it gets a little crazy. Thursday morning, we did our usual get up early and go hard in the gym. Then we came home. I was just about to take a shower but felt like I needed to go check the phone. There was one missed call and a new voice mail from President Mortensen. He said call me ASAP in the voice mail. Uh oh, what did I do now!? Haha, just kidding! I called back and he said, "Hey I need you to put the phone on speaker. "  So I did. Elder Edwards and I were looking at each other thinking, "What in the world is he going to say!?" He said I felt like I need to make some changes last night, but I ignored them because of the inconvenience it would have been but I need to make them. He said Elder Edwards I need you to pack up and Elder DeLuca I need you to be at the training meeting at 9:30 because I need you to train. He said I was going to have another missionary train him, but that is not going to happen anymore. He packed up quick and we took showers and headed down to the meeting. There was a bad accident on the freeway so we texted President and told him that we were going to be there around 9:45. He said no worries. Little did I know he was waiting to start the meeting until I got there! The prelude music was still playing and then, right when I walked in, the sister stopped playing the piano and the assistants started the meeting. I felt like a V.I.P. .... haha. We had a opening hymn and prayer then President came up and said something interesting. He said, "I want you all to know that the Lord is very involved in the selecting of trainers with the trainees. I was going to make some changes last night but I ignored them because of the inconvenience it would have been. I woke up in the middle of the night with the impression that I had to make the change, so I did this morning." No one in the audience except me knew what he was talking about and Sister Mortensen looked at me with the biggest smile when he said that. I felt the Spirit so strongly when he said that and I knew that I was supposed to be there. 

I am now serving with Elder Myers in Conroe! He is from Springville Utah. It is interesting for me to train a new missionary because of how faithful they are. It is so neat. They have no limitations on the possibilities that could come because they haven't been brainwashed by other missionaries about how the work is, in some areas. When I introduced our area at the training meeting, I said I hope you like to get pneumonia because we are going to be soaking wet from being in the baptismal font all the time. :) I am staying really optimistic about our area with him because I want this to be the best 3 months of his mission. My goal is to be able to have him prepared enough to train a new missionary in 12 weeks if need be. This is such a sacred trust and responsibility from the Lord and from President Mortensen. I am so stoked!  

I was hesitant to share this last week because I didn't want to put my Dad on the spot, but I am going to do it anyway. Some of you may know that my Dad is a devoted Catholic. If not, now you do. Last Sunday, I was fasting that he would be able to go to a sacrament meeting with my Mamma and my little sissy Bailley. I remember stating in my prayer when I opened my fast, "Heavenly Father, I have faith sufficient to know that he will go, but please make sure people reach out to him and are friendly to him when he goes." Last Monday, my little sister Bailley sent me a picture of my dad all dressed up driving her and my Mamma to church. Tears were flowing down my face out of pure happiness. Bailley said, "Miracles do happen." I just wanted to publicly thank you, Dad, for doing that. Despite your devotion to your church, you took the time to attend church with Bailley and Mom. I love you so much, Daddy, and I hope you have a great birthday this Wednesday! You should note that my Dad told me, "The people were really friendly there." I know that the power of fasting is real. I would invite you to read about the doctrine of the true fast found in Isaiah 58. It is wonderful, and it is real. I know that and because of this knowledge I fast pretty frequently. Once a month doesn't cut it for me, especially as a missionary. Remember why the sons of Mosiah were so effective? They had searched the scriptures diligently and they had given themselves to "MUCH prayer and fasting" and they taught with "power and authority from God." (Alma 17:2-3). 

The Lord continues to bless me every day. I am learning so much from being a missionary! This was the best decision I could have ever made in order to prepare for my future. My life is forever changed and I am so grateful for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. May we all keep and open heart and an open mind as we listen to our beloved Prophet and the other General Authorities this coming weekend. I am so excited!! 


Elder DeLuca 

Sorry I only took one picture, but this is my new companion Elder Myers! Elder Mikesell in the back is my zone leader companion and he serves in the Conroe 1st Ward!

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