Monday, December 21, 2015

MLC, Seminary, and the Temple

Well, this week flew by! Elder Myers is being transferred so we are really going to miss him, especially me. He is like my son! We have had a great three months together and I know why President felt inspired for us to be companions. We have learned a lot from each other. HE is going to do great things and touch the lives of many! 

Tuesday, we had Mission Leadership Council and it went really well! President Mortensen never ceases to amaze me with his council he gives. It is pretty amazing. We talked a lot about working better with our ward councils and then President threw it down for a while. It was sick. We role played Matthew 14 where Peter walks on the water to Jesus and likened that unto someone who is not sure about their baptismal date. 

After MLC, we had dinner with the Russo's. On our way there, I saw a bumper sticker that said, "All gave some, and some gave all." That really was profound to me at that very moment. I was thinking about that in relation to missionaries. Every single one of us gave something up to be here. We have all left our family, friends, hobbies, and even education. We have all let our comfort zone. The question is are we giving it our all? That is a more and more sobering thought for those who are nearing the end of their missions. I do not want to regret not working hard after I come home, so my promise to you guys is that I am giving it my all! #NOREGRETS 

Thursday, we taught seminary and they are studying the Old Testament. We went through Numbers 20 and 21. I learned a lot from studying and preparing to teach them. I made cake pops and chocolate covered pretzels for them. They were all over that! 

After we finished teaching seminary, we went back to our apartment to get some breakfast and then we had the wonderful opportunity to go to the temple as a district. This past week was one of the best experiences for me because I paid close attention to the symbolism we learn about in the Lord's house. I learned more on Thursday than all of the other times combined. I know in the temple we can find peace and happiness and it is the only place where those feeling will last. 

Friday, we taught zone meeting and I covered the stuff about working with ward council and then the Sister training leaders talked about all of the stuff that President threw down. One thing he said was this.  He was talking to a physiologist once and he told President that, "Shy people are the most self-centered people in the world." That is a big pill to swallow for those who may be shy, but think about that. How true that really is. They are too concerned about what others may think of them so they don't speak up. They related that to missionaries who don't want to go tracting or talk to people. Elder Nielsen and I modeled the role play with the Sister training leaders as our investigators. Elder Elsberry discreetly filmed it and the airdropped it to me. was cool to go back and see what it looks like when we teach. 

We went to Texas Roadhouse for Elder Myers' birthday and it was so fun. I LOVE that place! Their food is seriously the best. Its cool because in Arizona and Utah they say, "Welcome to Texas Roadhouse."  But here, they just say, "Welcome to Roadhouse." :) 

We found a new investigator named Austin on Saturday. We were tracting out an apartment complex and then we found him towards the end of the night. He was really cool. We are going back later this week. 

Well that is most of our crazy fast week. I hope you are all having a great holiday season and may we all remember our Savior and all that He has done for each of us as we celebrate this special time of the year. If you haven't already, check out "A Savior Is Born" at and if you have seen it, share it with a friend! I love you guys and may the Lord's greatest blessing be upon you all. Have a great week! 

We helped Brother Stringer make a chicken coop for his rooster. :) 

We got some ornaments for our tree thanks to Sister Falcon! 

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