Monday, December 21, 2015

New Companion, New Gators, and New Boundaries!

Elder Myers left us on Tuesday and he is now up in Huntsville about 30 miles north of us.  We got a new companion Elder Young who is joining us. We are still in a trio! He is from Sandy, Utah. 

We have been using the "A Savior Is Born" pass-along cards and we have had a lot of success with finding new people to teach by using them in our finding efforts. This past week we found 6 new investigators and our mission standard is 2 each week. Not bad for a white guy. 

We had a lesson with Rebecca on Wednesday and we just read through a chapter of the Book of Mormon with her because she hadn't read. After reading through the chapter she was talking about how she has had a lot of people try to talk to her about religion but she was never really interested. Then she said this. "When you guys knocked on my door I knew there was a reason for it, and I have been so intrigued to learn more." How sick is that? She then said that it had been over 17 years that she has been to a church but she feels like she needs to make a promise to God to come. My response was, "Rebecca, the Lord would have you come to His church, will you come this Sunday?" She said I will be there and guess what? SHE CAME!! I have learned that being lovingly bold with people works when people are prepared. Truth is, the Lord really would have her come to His church, so why not say that if I represent Him? I would be silly to not say that. She came to church and she loved it. She said, "I'll be here next Sunday.

We had a district meeting on Friday and it was Elder Burch's first district meeting and President and Sister Mortensen came. He was a little nervous that President was coming, but I love it when the big dog comes around. I used to think he bites, but now I know he doesn't. :) It was really cool because it wasn't my district so I was in there without a companion so when we role played, President and I were companions and we taught together. SO SICK! I love him so much. We practiced role playing extending a baptismal invitation after the first lesson. Elder Burch and Elder Hanks taught us first and then we threw it down. We did something similar to our lesson with Rebecca. We said, "When you come to know that the Book of Mormon is true, the Lord would have you be baptized in His church. So when you come to know that it is true, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?" When you are that direct with people and the Spirit is there, they want to say YES! 

After district meeting, we went to lunch with one of my former companions Elder Lythgoe. He and a couple of his buddies were up here for a wedding and so they took us out to lunch! It was good to see them, and Ill see them in Utah next month! 

Saturday morning, the Turners came up here from Katy and they took us all out to breakfast at this place called the Toasted Yolk. It is so good! I have been eating pretty clean lately but it was time to throw it down on some good food. I got this plate of biscuits and gravy with eggs, onions, ham, bacon, sausage, and hash browns. You guys, I cannot begin to tell you how good it was! It was huge too and I ate all of it! It was worth the calories. 

Sunday, we learned of the boundary changes that everyone has been wondering about for months now. There were a couple new wards created in our Stake and they took part of our ward and the Conroe 1st Ward as well. We lost a few of my favorite members in the ward including the Saenz. Robert and Alice were there at the meeting and I went over to them after and Alice was crying because she thought she wasn't going to see me anymore. She almost made me start crying but I reassured her that I cover the entire stake so I will still be seeing them. :) She was happy about that. It will be a good change for them and they are going to meet a lot of new friends. I am excited for them!  

Merry Christmas to everyone! I want to thank everyone in advance for all of the cards and packages I have been receiving! I am so blessed to have my wonderful family and friends. I love you all!! 

This is kinda blurry, but Elder Young put up the lights and the stockings and then Elder Nielsen says hello. :) 

​This is our nice carpet after I vacuumed it. :) 

Thanks for the ornament Mamma!! 

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