Monday, May 19, 2014

Storms, Tow Truck, Ironman & Stake Conference

Alrighty, well this week was kinda slow but we still had a great week!  So, Monday we were walking around our
apartment complex cause we had like 15 minutes to wait for an exchange and that wasn't enough time to go anywhere so we figured we would walk around here for a bit.  So we see this lady walking her dog and we had asked her if any of the other missionaries have talked to her before and she said NO!  So we invited her to learn more and she was like, "Yea, I am open to hearing a message!" We went through the restoration really quick and then scheduled an appointment the next day.  So, Tuesday Elder Weaver and I ended up teaching her cause Elder Thomas was with Elder Weaver's companion.  The lesson went pretty well she was just kinda struggling with why she needs to do more if Christ has already suffered for everything.  We shared so many scriptures and tried explaining why but she kinda agreed to disagree it seemed like. Any other suggestions?  Hit me up if you think of anything.  We are meeting with her again this week! 
Wednesday was PCI and we didnt even get to see any of the kids cause all of the lessons were canceled because of a bad rainstorm.  We were just there to clean up the place.  We got a lot of rain and it was pretty messed up there.  So check this out, a guy got the tractor stuck in the mudd and there was a bunch of guys and Elders over there putting chains on it to try to tow it out with a truck.  It was a Ford F-150 if you are wondering.  ( :  I was like there is no way this is gonna work!  Haha sure enough it didn't!!  It should have been a Raptor!!  Well, we tried putting wood under the tires and still no luck so I was like, "Wait a second, put the bucket down and it'll lift itself out!"  Chuck was like, "That's a good idea!"  So he did and then we were able to get it out!  I don't know why I wanted to share that but I did! 
Saturday we helped out with the Ironman!  Wow those people are so impressive!  We basically stood on the corner for like 4 in a half ours just cheering them on!  People were getting sooo tired at the end.  I think I would die if I attempted to try to do one of those! 
Sunday was stake conference and that was really sweet.  Because of time I will just share one part.  Our mission President spoke and one thing that really hit home for me was, "If there is contention in ANY companionship, if both will repent and become more like Christ, unity will prevail."  I love that!  Think about that.  That is not just for missionaries.  That is for any companionship. 
Well, I gotta get goin but I will talk to you all soon!  I love you guys!  The church is true!!!!


Elder DeLuca

​Pretty sweet Caddy we saw this week! 

​Elder Thomas and I at the Prow's home!

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