Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Transfers, Cleaning & Laura's Baptism

Our apartment is soooo clean!!!!  We seriously were cleaning from like 10:30 to 3.  Yea, and its 626 square feet.  Ha!!!  Just think of how clean that is!! 

My new companion is Elder Thomas and he is from Washington!!  We are so different but we are with each other for a reason and I know that! We get along great. We are really open with each other too and that is so important. If something bugs one of us, we are like "yo that bugs me" straight up!  Well I do. He would word that a little different! He is great and we are learning so much from each other!
So this week was pretty sick.  Honestly, I know Ive said that I have no time so I apologize for the short email and then they end up kinda lengthy, but today its gonna happen! 
Transfers were on Tuesday and then Elder Thomas and I met with Courtney and Robert. We  also taught Andralia with the sisters in a member's home on Thursday.  Friday was district meeting and then Saturday, Elder Christensen came back to the area and baptized Laura in a member's pool!!!  So I confirmed her on Sunday and I was SOOOO nervous.  It went well but I was sweating.....bad!!!   Hahaha.  You think Im kidding but I'm not! 
So that is pretty much the week. I love you all so much and I thank you all for the love and support. Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mommies that I didnt get a chance to talk to!!


Elder DeLuca

This is Laura!

​There is my companion and Sister Huber. She came back for the baptism!

I will have one of these in my home some day. Not for my children, for me!!! I don't know why but I love giraffes so much. They are so sweet!! Just look at that creature!

He would't run with me on his back though!!

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