Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Little Slow But Awesome

Alright, this week was a little slow, but awesome!
Tuesday, we were able to get in with a less active family and share a message.  We were hoping that the whole family would be there but we decided to just show up instead of calling so no one could cancel!  We ended up teaching a father and his two sons Steven and Eric, a principle from the restoration lesson.  The younger son Eric was more interested than the older and when it came time to leave, Steven ended up saying the closing prayer because neither the dad nor Eric would say it.  This was seriously a miracle because when we got there, he was very into his video games and did not want anything to do with us.  He had a couple questions about why there are so many churches and stuff and I was like, "JOSEPH SMITH!!!"  Hahaha....I talked about him and explained that he was in the same boat and then I quoted James 1:5 and the first vision and he didn't even argue with me at all.  I was nervous to do this because whenever Elder Thomas said something, Steven would argue with him.  I was nervous for him to ask something I didn't know the answer to!  But I listened to the spirit and Steven felt it for sure. He didn't argue at all, he just nodded his head yes!!  So sweet! 
Wednesday we had zone conference and that was seriously sooo good.  The main point was to please God and not our fellow men.  That is something that is hard to do! I definitely need to not worry as much about what other people think of me.  If I am doing God's will, Im good. I don't even know who all reads this, but if anyone is having a hard time with trying to please God and not their friends or whatever, just know that it pleases our Father in Heaven sooo much when we stand up for what is right, even in the midst of opposition. Stand up for what is right even if you feel that you are alone.  I promise you that if you feel alone, it's just a temporary thing. But really, you are never alone. I know that I for sure have felt so alone at times but I have come to realize that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ were cheering me on the whole time!  They were always there, even if I didn't notice it. 
Okay, so I gotta share something real quick about zone conference.  President always has us ALL prepare a talk before we go because at the end, he just picks like 5 or so missionaries to give a talk.  No one know until you are called up.... I had a feeling that I was gonna be called, then that thought went away.  Then Elder Thomas (he was conducting), was like we will first hear a talk from Elder DeLuca and so on and so forth, and my heart dropped into my stomach!!!!  I don't know why I was so nervous!!  I wasn't sweating though so that's good. So I went up and laid it down.  I talked abut the strengthening and enabling power of the Atonement.  Page 2 of Preach My Gospel says it perfectly in one sentence. "As your understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ grows, your desire to share the gospel will increase." Think about that.  It's sooo true! That is President Pingree's favorite sentence out of the whole book!  So I talked about that and it all went alright! 
So Wednesday night was a miracle.  Because of time I'm gonna be real brief.  We met those three guys at Market Street, remember? Ben, Jay, and Curtis.  Fast forward to now, and we met them this past Wednesday. They were meeting their youth group from their church at a Starbucks so we met them there.  It wasn't our first choice, but we were just outside.  So we went over the restoration again with Ben and this other guy, then Jay and Curtis came over with a bunch of youth and they all started listening to us.  Almost all of the teens were like "Can I have a Book of Mormon?" I was like, "YESSSSSSSSSSS.....our trunk is full of them!!"  I asked Ben if that was ok first cause I almost felt kinda bad!  All of these kids were wanting to learn more about our church while meeting for their church. Ya know what I mean?  I was so happy of course, but I felt kinda bad in respect to Ben, Jay, and Curtis.  They all have Book of Mormons too though so they were like "Of course we don't mind!"  They are really great guys.  So that was really sweet.  Please pray for all of them that they might read, ponder, and ask God if the book is true!  That would be greatly appreciated. 
So those are the highlights, but I type soooo slow so its time to go.  I am sorry.  Typing is defs one of my many weaknesses.  I love you all soo much and I hope you have a wonderful week! 

Love and prayers, 

Elder DeLuca

​I thought this sunset was pretty!  #texassunset for all you insta lovers hahahaha!

This was at zone conference!  Sorry it was blurry. (That's what happens elders take pics.....not Elder Thomas though!) 

​Brother Harris' kids.  Too cute!  I wanna hold him so bad!!!

Okay besides me bein' goofy, I wanted to publicly tell all of you that I am so sick of being fat.  I will admit, I have gained quite a bit of weight, muscle too.  (;  But I seriously have gotten fat and I am sick of it.  I am going to get in good shape you guys, and me telling all of you will help me.  I go freakin' hard in the gym.  We don't get a ton of time so I have no choice but to give it my all.  This was just a cardio day today.  I am eating wayy healthier too.  That is honestly like %60 of it.  You gotta eat good to look good!  Yes, I am one of those stinky Elders in this pic. Don't worry, I showered right after!! 

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