Monday, September 29, 2014

Mounda, "Meet the Mormons" & More Missionary Service Moments!

You wouldn't believe what happened. Last Monday night after dinner, we called up Mounda and asked if we could stop by real quick and share a message with him and he said yes. So, we went home to get our motorcycles (JK....I wish!) and rode over to his house. We knew that we had to do something different because he just wasn't understanding things. We watched a church video with him called the "John Tanner Story." It is such a good film and it is only like 20 minutes. I paused it periodically and asked Mounda how he was feeling and what he could do to increase his faith. I was being lovingly bold and he was actually restating doctrine to us. After the movie, I asked him what his biggest hold up is and he said he just didn't feel like he knew enough about the Book of Mormon and I said, "Well, do you think it is true?" He said, "Yes," and I told him that was all he needed to know. I told him that "I" don't know enough about the BoM, but learning comes over time and with experience. (Scripture study in this case). I told him that when he is baptized he is showing his love he has for Jesus Christ and making promises with Heavenly Father. I said it is a new start and he will learn over time and I said, "Do you still feel like Saturday is too soon?" And he said, "NO!!!!" He was going to be baptized this last Saturday, but when he was interviewed by our Zone Leader he had said he had a feeling he should wait a little. So it is a bitter-sweet thing. He wasn't baptized this past week but he will be on October 18 because his Dad is out of town the week prior and we have General Conference this coming week. I'll keep you guys updated on Mounda but will you all please keep him in your prayers? Thank you soo much! 

We also had the opportunity to watch "Meet the Mormons" on Wednesday. I'm not sure if it is out in theaters in Arizona and Utah, but it doesn't come out to theaters here until October 10. So, yeah, we are VIP's you could say. It is a really great film and I would recommend you see it when it comes out. You can also request it in your area. 

A couple other fun facts about this week are that we did a ton of service! (Mosiah 2:17-18) We helped out one member cut and lay bricks in his backyard and we helped another member mow their lawn and they have close to an acre of grass in the backyard. That was the first time I actually drove a riding lawn mower for cutting the grass. My Papa has one, but we just rode it around Pinedale for fun in the forest! Haha.....Zack knows what I am talking about!   ( : Sorry Papa!! We put some hard miles on that mower!!! We also went back over to the Turner's house for dinner and I got to see my great aunt and uncle too!!! We had a great Alaskan salmon dinner again!  (( : They also hooked me up with so much produce!! It was seriously like Christmas for me. I am trying to get down to 150 lbs and so I have been eating mostly fruits and veggies and lean protein like grilled chicken and fish. I was 156 this morning so hopefully I'll reach my goal in a week or so! 

I love being a missionary you guys! It is the best. Texas is where I need to be. As some of you may know, today is my 8 month mark and that is just cray. I cannot believe I have been gone that long! Time is flying soooo fast. I love you all and please let me know if there is anything I can do for you! 


Elder DeLuca (the first, but not the last)

So, I pretty much have the cutest little sister ever. This is my 8 month picture that she sent me. I know some of you may have seen it on Instagram, but you get to see it again. Thank you, Buddah! I love you so much!! 

Editor's note - The caption  this 8-month picture  of Bailley's was, "Donut it make you happy he's been out 8 months?!?!"  This one is definitely my favorite so far, Miss Bailley!

​This is my district, the best in the mission!!

Here are my great aunt and uncle! Sorry it is a little blurry!

​Caroline took the pic, but there are the rest of us! 

​I am trying to get down to 150 and Elder Bergman is trying to get up to 150. 
You tell me whose lunch is whose?

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