Tuesday, October 14, 2014

One Brief Week!

I was busy with all of our spare time today looking for new suits so sorry this is going to be so short. This week was
really sweet though. 

     We were able to meet with Mounda and Charly this week and Mounda is being baptized this Saturday!!!! I will make sure to take a picture with him to post on here. 

     We met with a less-active member this past Saturday and after we shared a message we committed him to come to church and he ended up coming Sunday! This was a miracle. It was so good to see him come to church and he was very engaged in the discussion in gospel principles. 

     One of the my most favorite things to do is sing hymns with investigators during Sacrament Meeting. Yesterday as I sat with Charly and we sang together I felt the Spirit so strong. I love it!! Hymns are really just prayers. D&C 25:12. 

     I am sorry this email is so short but I look forward to sending a more detailed email next week. We have transfers coming up next Tuesday. So, just to be safe, if anyone is going to send anything, please send it no later than tomorrow because I wouldn't want it to come after I was transferred (if I am). Who knows?!


Elder DeLuca

Gotta love those selfies! 

Yes I made it to 150! It wasn't easy, but I was seriously thinking of all of you because I said I would do it, and I am a man of my word! I have now lost just over 50lbs. Yes I was fast without the s! I feel so much better now! 

Today we cleaned behind our washer and dryer because that was the only place we haven't cleaned behind. Elder Bergman and I work well together and when we clean! 

I don't know why I love the color purple so much, but I do! Have a great week everyone! 

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