Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2nd Week in Tomball!

This past week was SO sweet! Last Monday, we were street contacting in a neighborhood before we got our haircuts (I was hesitant because I am worried it won't grow back....) and we walked past a guy who went into his backyard to bring in his garbage can. Right when we passed him, I felt like we should talk to him but it was one of those awkward moments when we already passed and then we would just be standing there waiting for him to come back.  However, I stopped and stood there. He came back and we all started talking to him and, long story short, he was wanting to learn more and he accepted a baptismal invitation on the spot! He is a very high potential, but he said he only had a work phone so all we have is his email. We are going to have to go back by! 
Another miracle was a lady named Kimberly that we tracted into before a lesson we had with Bobby, who was one of the sister missionaries' investigators before they were transferred out of Tomball. Kimberly was very similar to the guy I just mentioned. She was really nice and she accepted a Book of Mormon and she told us that it would be a few weeks before week could meet, due to her busy work schedule and four children under the age of 16. She is super busy! 
So, we met with Bobby and our lesson went well with him. We were able to bring a recent convert in the ward named Aaron Finch to come teach with us and he really helped a lot! Aaron Finch was baptized earlier this year and he tells everyone that he had a lot of struggles with different things before he met the missionaries and he completely changed his life around. Needless to say, he is a success story. More importantly though, he really makes people feel loved and I saw that when he was talking to Bobby. We reviewed the restoration with Bobby because it has been a while since the sisters were over there and we planned to see him this past Saturday too, but he had to work. We are planning on meeting with him again this Tuesday though! 
Okay, so here is the coolest part of my week. Yesterday, before Sacrament meeting I saw Elder Lythgoe talking to a lady so I went over to say hi to them and as I walked up I heard her introduce herself as "Cindy French" and I was like "I totes know that name, who is she??"  And then it clicked! The first Thursday I was here, we had our weekly planning and I was going through the sisters area book to try to find out who they were meeting with and who all of the former investigators were and so fourth. Anyways, I came across the name Cindy French and so I called her and spoke with her for a few minutes and she said the sisters had come over a few times, but she was out of town for so long because of work so she hadn't met with them in a while. She told me to call her in two weeks so I said I would call her on the 14th after church! So when I heard her say that I was like "I was the one you spoke with on the phone a few weeks ago!!!!!!!" It was the coolest thing ever. Her co-worker is a member from Wyoming and she came down to Houston to do some work and felt prompted to invite her friend Cindy to church with her!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys do you understand this!? My face was beaming!! I was soo happy! I sat next to her during Sacrament Meeting and she told me that she was meant to be here and that it is not a coincidence. I seriously wanted to cry because I was so happy. She is golden! We have a meeting with her this Thursday and I am pumped! 
So, remember when I told you guys about us teaching elders Quorum? When we talked about missionary work with them it went really well and they all were super stoked and so the Elders Quorum President came up to us yesterday and was like "We are going to have a missionary moment each Sunday before the lesson!" He told the elders that he is going to ask who is willing to invite someone each week to hear more about the gospel and then they have to report the next Sunday before the lesson. I responded something like this; "YES! That is what I am talking about! Uh I am so pumped right now! You guys are so sick!" Haha, seriously though, that is what I said. Hopefully, it wasn't too loud. Missionary work is so sweet you guys! The work is so real and I love it. 
I wanted to thank you all for your prayers. Many of you know it has been tough for us to find new people to teach, but I promise you that your prayers are being answered. We are starting to speed up and we are gonna explode soon! hahah((: Thank you to all of you. I love you all! 
One last thing, Jordan (The one Elder Lythgoe and I started teaching in Magnolia) is being baptized this Saturday! How sweet is that!? Missionary work is on fire! Awww I love it! I hope you all listen to the promptings you have to share the gospel because it is the sweetest thing we can do. It can be tough, but I promise you it is the most rewarding thing you can do here. Heavenly Father will pour out blessings upon you and I promise you that! 


Elder DeLuca

I went on exchanges with the Gleannloch Farms elders and this was in the home of a member over there, so I had to get a picture. (: This reminds me of the one that is in my grandpa's home! I love you Papa!!

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