Monday, December 8, 2014

Tomball is Sweet!

So, I am now in the Tomball 2nd Ward and it is awesome. I still meet at the same building so I saw a lot of members from my old ward yesterday! I now have two new companions. Elder Weaver and I are new to the area and we are with Elder Hegemann who has been in this ward for almost 5 months. Yesterday, I was a little stressed out before church because were asked to teach a follow up lesson in Elders Quorum on a discussion that we were not there for the previous week. Because of that we did not prepare as well as we could have. I was also thinking about all of the new people I have to meet, members that I had to follow up with that we left commitments with a few days prior, ward coorelation meeting, ward council, and the list goes on and on. Needless to say, I was stressin'. I knew that it was such a great opportunity for me to go up and introduce myself and bear my testimony during Sacrament Meeting, so I did! After I sat back down, I felt like a weight was lifted off of me. I seriously felt so comforted just by bearing my testimony of what I know to be true. It was the coolest thing ever!  
Just this past night, something really cool happened. We went over to visit a less-active family and we were planning on sharing a brief message with them or if they were not available, setting up a return appointment. The mother said we can come back on Thursday so we thought we ought to ask her if she has seen the He Is The Gift video and she said no. We explained a little bit about it and asked her if she would be willing to check it out and she was like "Yes, I'll even post it on FaceBook!" We were so pumped! We told her that we will check up with her on Thursday to see if anyone commented on it. (: After we left, we knocked a few doors there at the apartment complex and a lady came to the door and we were able to talk to her about the video and then introduce her to the Book of Mormon and extend a baptismal invitation! It was sweet! She was a little hesitant but we are going to follow up with her when we go back on Thursday. She actually knew the mother of the family that we had planned on seeing that night! We then went back to the less-active family and we told the mom what had happened and she said that she will follow up with her too! This was so sweet! 
We have been using the "He Is The Gift" pass-along cards and we are talking to a ton of people. Last night before we went to visit that family, we were tracting in a neighborhood and someone that we talked to called the cops on us. We don't know who it was, but a cop came up to us and was like "what are you guys selling?" and I explained to him that we were just sharing a free video with people and I gave him a card! (: He was actually interested! He said that we were fine to continue doing what we were doing! 
We have been super busy this week with meeting new members, and visiting former gators and such. I love this new area. I wanted to give a little shout out to my little sissy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDAH!!!! For those of you that didn't know, her birthday is this Thursday and she is turning 16! I cannot believe it. I love you!!
I look forward to getting more adjusted here in Tomball and letting you know how it goes. Thank you all for everything that you do for me. I love you guys!

Love, Elder DeLuca 

​This was my last pic in "Magnowia" haha. This is the Green family and they are so sweet! 

Check out the horns on this boy! 

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