Monday, January 12, 2015

More Miracles!

This week, we were super busy with different activities and lessons! On Tuesday, we always volunteer at this place called S.O.S., which is a food bank and we unload a big trailer full of food and then organize it all in the room that they store it in. After that we went over Sister Hughes' house to help her with some stuff in her backyard. I got to mow the grass! I was so excited. I love it! 
Tuesday night, we met with Paul and it was such a good lesson. We visited him with Brother Hausman and we all felt the spirit so strong. We started teaching the commandments lesson and we all were bearing testimony of each principle and it was like a mini fast and testimony meeting in Paul's apartment. I seriously paused and was like "Are you guys feeling it?" We ALL knew that the spirit was present with us. It was the coolest experience ever. 
Wednesday, we went back over and we went over the 15 steps to quit smoking. He has completely stopped smoking these past few weeks but we wanted to make sure he has all of the supplies that are on the list to just help out. He didn't have any grapefruit juice so we told him that we were going to go have dinner and then pick some up for him and bring it over. We told him to be thinking of who he wanted to perform his baptism and confirmation because it is this coming weekend. He knows a lot of people in the ward and his brother is a member of the ward so we just wanted him to have someone in mind so we could get the programs printed out this week. When we came back with the juice we were talking for a couple minutes and then Paul said "I have been thinking a lot about my baptism and...." My heart sunk to my stomach! At first, it sounded like it was going to be bad but it ended up being the sweetest thing ever. He said, "I have come to a decision on who I want to do what and I want you (Elder DeLuca) to do the baptism and you (Elder Weaver) to do the confirmation." But here is why. "Elder DeLuca, you and I have had to make a lot of changes in our lives and we relate well with each other and I feel like it would mean a lot to you to bring someone to the waters of baptism to be forgiven for their mistakes. I feel like it would be a blessing to you to know that you have helped someone change so much."  I actually cried a little bit. (just a couple tears) because it meant the world to me that he took that much thought into it. He told Elder Weaver that he "has an angelic voice and he is very sincere when he teaches." He said like four time to not take offense from that before he told Elder Weaver that he has an angelic voice but he really hit it right on the head. We both we so honored to be able to be the ones that he chose. 
Another miracle was that we were at lunch with the Relief Society President Sister Rittman and she received a phone call from Cindy French! Remember her? We have lost contact with her and here is why! She told Sister Rittman that she broke her phone and she lost our number but when she came to church that one Sunday, she got Sister Rittman's number and she was going through her purse and found it! She said that she wanted our number because she felt so bad that she lost our number and that she wanted to meet with us again. Sister Rittman was like "well they are sitting right here with me as we speak!" This was seriously a miracle. We were so pumped! We went over there Thursday night and we got to know here and her husband a little bit better. It was a great birthday present. ( : 
Friday we went to College Station for a YSA Training meeting. We are now going to be working with the YSA's in Tomball. We are stoked. There is a lot of paperwork we have to do in order to get the LDSSA club up and running. 
Well, those are the highlights of this past week, but we have two baptisms scheduled for this Saturday, so please keep them in your prayers because we know who is going to be working on them extra hard this week. We haven't been able to get in contact with Bobby since Saturday so please keep him in your prayers. If all goes as planned, we are having Bobby and Paul's baptism at the same service! 
Thank you and I will talk to you next week! 

P.S. - Elder Weaver is being transferred tomorrow. We both were so shocked! He will hopefully be able to participate with Paul's baptism! 


Elder DeLuca

Service clothes say whaaaa?? No way! I mow in pros! Nothing a little lint roller can't fix! ( : 

​Sundays are good days! 

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