Monday, January 25, 2016

Mini-Mission and Miracle With LJay

This past Monday, we had Avery Hersom come out with us on a mini-mission! He was with us until Wednesday evening. It was neat to have him with us. It made me think back to when I would drive down to Ogden to go on splits with Elder Costello. I learned a lot from him. Thanks Michael! 

We went tracting on Tuesday night after our dinner appointment and it seemed like a lot of people didn't want to talk to us. We wanted it to be a good experience for Avery so we kept on going with the hope of talking to someone who was prepared. WE DID! It was literally the LAST person that we talked to. His name was Roger and he was just walking down the street that we were tracting. We went up to him and explained who we were and then shared a little bit about what Jesus Christ did while He was here on earth. We set up a return appointment with him. It was neat for Avery to participate in the teaching and finding with us that night. 

We had a really busy week and we have done a lot finding but I just want to share one miracle that we had. Saturday night I went with Elder Craig to the Douglas' house to have dinner because she made me one of my favorite pesto pastas and then my all time favorite birthday cake! Lemon cake with cream cheese frosting. YES, PLEASE! Anyways, we had a great dinner and then we left for an appointment with Raj, but it fell through, so we went to our backup appointment and that fell through too. It was one of those nights. 

Elder Craig and I had a heart-to-heart and we told each other why we decided to serve missions and we were just getting to know each other. He just came out so this is his first transfer. He is going to Jamaica when I go home. We were talking for a while and as I was explaining to him why I decided to serve a mission, we noticed that there was a bunch of people out front of one of the houses we parked by. They were all staring us down and I was looking back at them. Elder Craig said, "What are you thinking about?" And I replied, "I'm thinking about what I am going to say to all of these people in just a minute." We finished what we were talking about and then said a prayer and got out of the car only to find that all of the people had left! They scattered! We went up to the house and there was one guy in the garage. He was working on a car and we told him who we were and asked if we could share a message with him. He said, "I don't live here so let me ask the owner." He went and got her and she came out and did not want anything to do with us. I wasn't going to leave that easy though. I was very polite to her and then just started asking the guy LJay about the car he was working on. We started talking about the car and eventually the owner went back inside! He was working on his friend's car and that was his friends mom that came out. 

We were talking about cars for a while and then came to find out that he lives in Tomball and I just so happened to live there for 9 months so I knew exactly where he lived and it was really funny. We ended up transitioning to talking about the Bible and the Book of Mormon. We explained the Book of Mormon to him in such a way that when we asked him if he would be willing to read from it, he said, "Where do I get one?" We told him that we had one for him and then he pulled out his wallet and asked how much. We explained that it was our gift to him and that we did not want any money. He was so excited to read from it and he gave us his number and wants to meet with the missionaries in Tomball. Long story short, we were there with him for about an hour and his heart was literally softened before our eyes. He was an answer to our prayer and he said that we were to his as well. He said he wasn't having the best day and that was why he didn't leave with his buddies because he just wanted to work on the car alone. I felt prompted to tell him That the Lord was watching out for him and that it was not a coincidence that we came right when his friends left. I said, "If all of those guys would have been here when we came up, I bet someone would have told us to leave and it wasn't your house so you would've just sat back and not said anything." He said, "You are exactly right. I know that is exactly would have happened. My friends would have given you guys a hard time." WOW. It was so neat for all of us to see the Lord working in our lives. He invited us to come watch them drift and race cars at this old airport next Saturday. I don't think we can make it, but I really want to go....haha! He popped the hood on a Nissan 240 SX that had a built Supra motor in it with over 1200hp. Elder DeLuca was drooling over this car. Zack, it was SICK!  

Anyways, we had a great week. Things are going well here in Conroe! The Lord continues to bless us as we do things His way. I absolutely love being a missionary. I hope you all have a great week and I will see you soon!  

This is Elder Craig that I was with when we met LJay! 

This is Elder Whitlock. He is hilarious! 

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