Monday, January 25, 2016

When Your Milk Expires the Day You Go Home, You Know It Is Getting Real.

My weeks are seriously going too fast! I feel like I don't have enough time in the week to accomplish all that we need to get done. 

We had MLC on Tuesday and we learned a lot from President Mortensen, as usual. We reevaluated each zone's commitment for baptisms per month and had a long discussion on that. Long story short, as a mission we have to be finding 3 new investigators each week in order to make sure we stay on track with our commitment for baptisms. After the age change, a lot of missions were seeing a huge increase in baptisms and then once those missionaries left and the missions had less missionaries, baptisms decreased. President shared with us that we are 1 of 2 missions in the United States that has continued to have an increase in baptisms even with decreased number of missionaries. Things are going well in the Texas Houston Mission and I am glad to be here! 

We role played a more effective way of teaching about prophets in order to set up an investigator to understand that one of the fruits of the Prophet Joseph Smith, is the Book of Mormon. Then we role played introducing the Book of Mormon more effectively as well. I was thinking to myself, "Why haven't we learned this sooner?" Haha! It's okay, because I got to use what I learned that night with the Upshaw family. It was a good lesson and we are going back sometime this week to finish the lesson. We took Avery Hersom with us and we are going to do a mini mission with him this evening. He is coming with us tonight and then he will stay with us until Wednesday. He is preparing to serve a mission right now. He just submitted his papers, I think! 

Wednesday, we had dinner with the Ashton's and Rhett gave us a name of one of his friends, Isaiah, to go by on Thursday. After we got our new car on Thursday, we went by! It was a miracle that we even found him because Rhett just gave us the gate code and said it was the house on the left. We went in and went to what we thought was the first house on the left and it was not his house. It was some crazy lazy who told us that she believes in God but not Jesus Christ. I have never heard that before. We were about to just leave the neighborhood but I had the impression to just go down that street and go to the first house on the left on the opposite side of the road. We went there and sure enough it was the right house. We knocked and at first no one answered so we left. As we were leaving, I saw someone in my mirror so I turned that Corolla around and went back there as quickly as I could. It was his cousin but he said that Isaiah was there. He went and got him! We talked to him for just a couple minutes and told him that Rhett said to stop by if we were ever in the area. We set up a time to come back on Saturday but he was busy. We are hoping to see him this week. 

Friday, I taught my last zone meeting on my birthday! That was pretty cool. By the way, thank you all for the birthday wishes! I had a great day and we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. I got my usual. Grilled BBQ chicken with a sweet potatoe loaded (with brown sugar and marshmallows) and a side salad with honey mustard. YES, PLEASE. It is a lot of food so I always cut my chicken and sweet patatoe in half and then have it for lunch the next day. Brother Stewart took us out that night. 

Saturday, the Princes from College Park (my first area) came and took us out to breakfast at the Toasted Yolk. That place is SO good. I thought about getting that cowboy scramble again, but I decided to be healthier, so I got an egg-white omelet. It was super yummy too! We had some Family History training from Brother Evans after that. 

We had dinner with the Douglas' last night. They are not in our ward anymore, but since I technically cover the stake, we went over. :) It was good to see them! He was our last Ward Mission Leader. 

Things are going really well here for me, and my time is going way too fast! I love you all and I will see you soon. P.S. Bailley gets the first hug! I love you Buddah! :) 

​I am pretty tight with my money so I had to get creative. This is all leftovers from members so I just put it all together and made a salad. Spinach, kidney beans, grilled chicken, celery, cucumber, hard boiled egg (that was mine), and some bbq sauce and black pepper. :) 

So, this is the milk that I bought today. It expires the day I go home. 

Here is our brand spankin' new corolla. It had 8 miles on it when we got her. :) 

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