Monday, March 24, 2014

This Week Was Pretty Sweet!

This week was pretty sweet!
Monday we met with a less active member named Chris.  We had dinner at a member's home and that went well until he started asking us all of these "What if's" and the Spirit was like "Peace out."  We were actually able to go over to his house on Wednesday and got another lesson in with him.  He works on Sundays so he isn't able to attend church. :/ 
We also had a nice lesson with Morgan on Wednesday about temples.  Temples are the best place in the entire world. I love going to the temple and we were actually able to go on Thursday!  It's was such a neat experience.  I know for myself, that when I go to the temple, I feel closest to Heavenly Father.  I know that He is always there and I would encourage you all to go to the temple as often as you can.  It is such a wonderful opportunity for us to seek personal revelation and to really feel the Spirit directing us in what we should do.  We are so blessed to be able to go to the Houston Temple once a transfer, but I still wish I could go more! 
Speaking of transfers, we have one tomorrow.  We all thought that Elder Christensen was for sure leaving because he has been in this area for over seven months and the longest a missionary has ever been here was nine because it was his last transfer so President let him choose.  We got a call last night and Elder Christensen and I are staying and Elder Peterson is leaving tomorrow.  We all we SO shocked!  We thought Elder Peterson and I would stay together.  I know that it is supposed to be this way though.  Our President has been set apart for The Texas Houston Mission and he knows where we need to be. 
Elder Christensen's Grandpa worked with a guy here in our ward but this guy was inactive.  Over the course of four months, Elder Christensen was able to get into this man's home and talk with him!  They got talking and things just clicked.  This man is now active and just got a calling as family history consultant.  Elder Christensen's work isn't quite done here.  He needs to be here for the love and support for this man and we are actually going over to his house tonight to teach a lesson to him and his children (hopefully).  He said he would invite them to listen but they are in their twenties so its really up to them. 
We also went over to another member's home for Elder Christensen to say "goodbye" to and he showed us his old 1960 Ford Galaxie. Such a sweet car and it only has 64K miles on it!  It fired right up and we were talking about all of the stories that were involved with that car.  I'll show you some pics.  (: 
Our week was really great and to end it off we had Stake Priesthood Meeting last night and that was really inspiring. The Stake President likened the Priesthood unto a bow and how if we aren't worthy of it, it's like pulling back a bow with an injury.  It hurts and sometimes it isn't even possible.  That stuck out to me because Morgan was actually really sick yesterday and wasn't able to come to church.  We had Ward Correlation in the morning and that was over by Morgan's house so I was like, "Let's go give him a blessing before church."  So we did!  That was so sweet.  This was actually my first time sealing a blessing.  I have done the anointing part a couple of times but I never sealed.  I felt the Spirit telling me the things I should say as my hands were placed on Morgan's head.  It was kinda crazy, cause even before we got there, I felt like I was going to be giving the blessing and I was kinda nervous.  We explained to Morgan what we were going to do and how there were two parts and how the blessing will not work if he doesn't have the faith that it really can work.  I said "Who do you want to do it?" and he just smiled and pointed at me.  So Elder Christensen anointed and then I sealed it with a blessing as the spirit directed me to do so. 
It is such a privilege to hold the restored Priesthood and it is crucial that we (worthy priesthood holders) exercise that Priesthood and to not underestimate the power of it.   
Morgan said that he felt numb after I was done with the blessing. That was interesting to me but really neat at the same time cause he wasn't feeling the pain in his head and throat. Our phone was on silent, but before we had gotten home, he had texted us and said that he really was starting to feel better. Priesthood blessings are so wonderful and such a privilege to be able to act in God's name. I love them! 
So those were the highlights of this week. Ill talk to ya'll (I never say that here.) soon.  

I love you guys and I want you to know that I have a testimony of this restored Gospel.  Talk to ya soon! 

All my love, 

Elder DeLuca   

We've been doing some work on the farm too! :)

I found a little turtle at the park!

Elder Peterson and I with our li'l friend!

This is our district on Thursday at the temple.  I love this place!

Here is that beauty I was talking' about.  Isn't she perry?!

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