Monday, June 16, 2014

Transfer, Squirtle, Selfies & Brother Higgins' Lawnmower

Well guess who is being transferred!?  Elder DeLuca is.....I am excited to see other areas but I am gonna miss College Park! 

This week was pretty good.  Last Monday we had a zone activity at the Chappell's house and we played this, like, get to know everyone game so we all wrote something on a piece of paper and then President Chappell read them out to all of us while we guessed who it was.  Mine said "I love getting my teeth cleaned."  Hahaha. ( : It's so true though!  I love going to the dentist soo much!  Brother Wood in our ward was gonna clean my teeth this month but I am leaving so now he can't! 
So, we had a specialized training this week with our mission President and we talked mostly about how we can use the Restoration lesson when talking to people.  That is something we always try to do anyways, but President Pingree gave us a lot of advice! 
Yesterday, we went to Brother Higgins' house to teach him a lesson and that was sweet!  When we were there talking he said that his lawnmower was not starting and that he was trying to have his daughter help him with it, but they didn't have much luck.  So, I was like, "Let's go take a look at it!"  I wasn't sure what was up with it, but I worked my magic and it fired right up.  I tightened the blade as well and then she was ready to cut some grass!  His daughter was super happy too and she started to go mow the grass right after I was able to get it running.  It was Sunday, but I wasn't about to tell her to wait till tomorrow!  Hahaha.  His daughter is not a member of the church and she could probably beat me up if she wanted to, so I just smiled as she went to mow the grass! 
Well I know this is really short, but I have a ton to do today! I gotta go pack and then say bye to some of the members here!  I love you guys and Ill let you know when I find out my new area.  I love you, but Heavenly Father loves you more!  Have a great week!!


Elder DeLuca

P.S. - My new address is: 

Elder Brock DeLuca
6777 Sommerall Dr.,
Houston, TX  77084

​I found Squirtle again! He went pee pee all over the car.

​Selfiezz for dayzz! 

This is Elder Weaver on the left and then Elder Bird behind me.  We picked them up for a specialized training we had because they are in a bike area!

So we were out finding at this apartment complex and it was super hot outside, so I thought I'd take a pic just in case I didn't make it!  Hahahaha

This is Brother Higgins.  Coolest guy ever!!  This is after I fixed the mower.

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