Monday, June 30, 2014

The Temple & No Coincidences

Well hello everyone!! How are you all doing!?!

I had a really great week but I'm gonna have to sum it upp! The best part of my week was going to the temple. You guys, I cannot stress the importance of temple attendance. The temple is seriously the most precious place we can go to on this earth. We had a specialized training with President Pingree and the temple president, President Crane. This was seriously the coolest thing ever! We had over 60 missionaries in this endowment session and then we all went into a study room after the session and we could ask anything we wanted!! I have never felt the Spirit so strong in my entire life. President Crane asked us the question; "Who are you?" This really made me think of who I am. Who is Elder DeLuca? There are a number of answers, but I invite you all to find out who you are in the eyes of The Lord. I have made so many changes in my life, and I know who I am and who I want to become. The Savior has given me the strength to do so. I could not be here if I didn't have somewhat of an understanding of the Atonement. I know how much it has blessed me in my life and I strive to use it every day.

We also met/ran into people this week that were not coincidences. I know without a doubt that everything happens for a reason. A few weeks ago we met a lady that was outside her apartment and I asked her if she knew where building # 3 was and she told me. I then invited her to learn more about the unique message we share to which she responded: "I used to be Mormon." That is always a surprise. That was actually the second person so far on my mission to say that. However, I asked her what happened and stuff and she said her husband was excommunicated and they never went back. I still asked if we could come back another time to share a message with them and she said yes! So this past week we went back and we were really late and knocked on the door and no answer. Knock once for their salvation, twice for yours. So I knocked again and still no answer. Right as we were about to leave, her husband walked up with his daughter and he immediately was like, "Let's talk!" This was a miracle of its own. We talked for quite some time and we are scheduled to meet with him this week. 

Also another thing that was cool is that we were having a tough day on Saturday cause we had a member freak out on us because he basically doesn't have a testimony about the gospel and he was just baptized for his wife. So, when we got out our scriptures to share a message, he flipped out! I won't go into details but I was in shock. We also had appointments fall through and it just wasn't the best day we've had. So we were debating whether to go get a shaved ice at Bahama Bucks and try to talk with people there, or go to a neighborhood to go finding. Obviously we chose option #1 cause it was so hot outside! (: We got there only to find two really sweet, young LDS couples. They were ecstatic to see us and it made our night. They even bought us our shaved ice! 

I know that The Lord is with me. I know he watches out for all of His missionaries. My testimony is being strengthened every single day. i am growing up quick being out here on a mission. This is the best time of my life, you guys. I love being a missionary! It's so tough at times, but so worth it. I love you all so very much and please email me personally if I can do anything for you! I love you! 

Love me, 

Elder DeLuca 

​I'm gonna miss them soo much. this was at new leadership training in Magnolia, TX!

One of our investigators has a Buick Regal that is a total sleeper!! this car is so sweet. It is like a high 11 low 12 second car! All naturally aspirated

​We buzzed each others head's. comp unity baby! If Im goin bald, he's coming with me! Hahah it is actually wayy nicer with the heat! 

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