Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Transfers, New Calling, Utah Companions & Baptism

Hello everyone!! 

So, I was transferred last week to a new area and I was called to serve as a district leader!  I tell everyone that President Pingree made a mistake!!  Hahaha.  (( : I taught my first district meeting last Friday and I was really nervous at first, but the Spirit was there to help me out.  We are on bikes now, so I was already sweaty when I arrived at the church so that didn't help much but the meeting went really well.  We talked about the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion.  To sum it up, it's everything.  I am nothing without the Holy Ghost.  The Spirit is what does the converting so we need to be doing all that we can to qualify for the Spirit to be with us! D&C 42:14 tells us that if we do not have the Spirit, we won't be teaching and that is soo true!! 
My new comp is from Cedar City, Utah.  That's a shocker!!  Hahaha....it seems like over 90 percent of our missionaries here are from Utah!!  His name is Elder French and he has been out like 3 in a half months. 
So, my new area is really great.  I am still learning the roads but all is well here.  We had a baptism this past Saturday! I didn't teach the guy but I was at the baptism.  We are teaching his wife and hoping to get her a baptismal date sometime in the near future.  It seems like people here are way more receptive to what we have to say so that is really great!!
Well, I don't mean to be short but I need to get going soon cause we still have to go grocery shopping!  I love you all and thank you for everything.  You guys are great!!  My new address is: 

Elder Brock DeLuca
6777 Sommerall Dr. #422
Houston, TX 77084

This is my last Bishop and his wife. They are incredible people and I will miss them, as well as all of College Park Ward!

This is Bishop's neighbor Roy! He is the man!  We did a lot of service with him and we formed a super good relationship with each other.  I always cleaned my shoes with his air compressor haha. ((: That is a bb gun so don't worry. I wasn't shooting any real firearms!!  I love you, Roy!

​I still hit the bulls eye, if you are wondering. Ha!!

​I can't say I look good with this goofy helmet, but I can say that it will help my noggin from being hurt if I crash! I gotta protect that little brain I have!! ( :

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