Monday, April 28, 2014

What Is Good, Everyone?!?!

What is good everyone!!!!???? I had a pretty sick week so lemme spill it out! 
Okay, so on Tuesday we met with a new gator and her name is Courtney.  Her boyfriend is a less-active member and they both just wanna come closer to God and I was like "So do I!!"  Hahaha, well we taught them the first lesson and it went really well.  We have another meeting with them tomorrow, so keep them in your prayers please.  Pray that they will have the desire to learn more and be able to act on that!  That would be greatly appreciated! 
Wednesday was a cool day.  We didn't have time to go volunteer cause we had a meeting but we did get a lot of street contacting in.  We talked to a guy named John and he was super interested in learning more but he doesn't live in our area.  We gave him our number and told him to let us know if we could hook him up with the missionaries in his area. So, we went on and the whole rest of our evening we were literally trying to talk to everyone and no one wanted to listen!  It was so sad. We left the waterway and went over to Market Street to see if we had a better chance.  We said a prayer before we got out of the car and in that prayer we said, "Heavenly Father we have the faith that we will be able to talk to someone and teach a lesson."  The only thing about this place is that we cannot directly ask people if they wanna hear a message because security has asked us not to.  So we just smile and say hi to everyone and those that wanna talk to us will have to say something.  It's kinda risky! Hahaha.  

So we did a lap and no luck.  It was like 8:53 and we are supposed to be in by 9 unless we are in an appointment; then we can be in by 9:30. We live like 10 minutes away but we both were like, "Let's do another lap."  We started walking and sure enough God answered our prayer, as He always does.  We passed this guy and said hi and he was like, "Whats up guys?"  We actually passed, then turned back around and asked him if he wanted to hear a message and he was like "I don't know, do I?"  He said it in a cool way though. He wasn't being mean.  This guy reminded me of my brother Zack.  I don't know what it was about him, but he was just a cool guy.  We talked to him about our beliefs and he was asking really great questions and then we'd answer them.  It was so sick. I'm glad Elder Christensen was there with me cause he knows the Bible so well and I do not!  Hahaha, well then these other two guys walked up and they were his friends and I think one of them was his brother.  They ended up wanting to meet up again sometime so we have their numbers and they have ours.  This was one of our miracles this week.  ( :
Friday we had district meeting and that was sick.  We have a solid district and I really like going to those meetings.  We practiced someone saying no to an invitation to being baptized, then working it into asking for a soft commitment. "As you come to know these things are true, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God."  It was a good opportunity for all of us! 
Saturday we had a ward talent show that we were able to attend at the stake center. We even got to perform! I played a song I learned on the piano! Just kidding.....I wish.  I love the piano, but we didn't do anything besides help out Brother Harris when he roller skated.  You guys, he is so freakin good!  You have no idea!!!!  We held out these sticks and he jumped them on the ground then we lifted them and he was like jumping over them.  High too!  Then he went under them, and he took a skate off really fast and sat on one skate and went under laying down!!  I was amazed! Seriously my jaw must have been touching the ground.  I probably looked ridiculous up there, but its all good.  ( : 
So, Sunday I saved someone's life.  I really did.  This is not a joke.  Elder Christensen and Neville had another meeting so Elder Tanner and I were going to my ward correlation meeting and we passed by this turtle that was about to cross the road.  We almost hit it!!  It was like 50 yards before a red light so I jumped out of the car (at the light) and sprinted back to go save this lost soul.  I seriously was dippin!  I didn't know I could run that fast.  Elder Tanner was laughing hysterically!!!  I was seriously sweating when I got back in the car.  So I put this little dude in my bag cause I wanted to keep him and put him in the wilderness later that night.  When we got into out meeting I was like, "Sorry we are a couple minutes late, I saved a life."  Brother Harris was like "uhhh huhhh" and then I pulled him outta by bag and he was like, "Oh! hahahaha!"  (( :  I don't lie you guys!  Don't worry.  This isn't like a formal meeting.  Brother Harris is our ward mission leader and he is so sick.  I put the turtle in his back yard and everything was all good.  I made him a little play area for when we went to church, but HE ESCAPED!!!!!!!!!!  I know.  You are probably just as sad as me!!  It's least he wasn't run over by a car.  We went to share a message with them last night and I looked for him in the backyard with my flashlight, but no luck.  Squirdle was gonee.  Oh yeah, I named him that cause he went pee pee on my hand!  Hahaha, don't worry.  I washed them! 
So today we took our car into the dealership cause the a/c broke!  We should get it back tomorrow though! 
So we have transfers next Tuesday so if anyone sends anything, send it like today or tomorrow cause there is a possibility I won't get it for a long time if I am transferred.  It is not likely, but you never know!  I will let you know for sure next Monday cause we will know Sunday night!
Alright, well all of you have a wonderful week and know that I love you all!  Stand up for what is right everyone!  Be different.  Show people what you believe!!  Thanks for everything! 

Love this crazy fool, 

Elder DeLuca

I had to take my suit coat off cause I was on fire!!! There is Squirdle!! Sorry, he is shy!

I really hope you guys will still love me even if I'm bald.....Seriously it's bad.  I am working on it though.  I have Nioxin shampoo and conditioner and I am taking florasteride.  Straight up, I am fighting it. I am not a quitter, so just know if I come home bald, it was not my choice! 

This is on my Bishop's door into his garage.  I lovee it!  I will get some for my home someday!  I really miss shooting, but I have more important things to do for now! 

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